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In the ground-breaking APOCALYPSE a war in the Valley of Armageddon leads to a global confrontation. But as nuclear holocaust looms, millions of people suddenly vanish! Chaos reigns as two News anchors try to discover what happened. REVELATION picks up 3 months later. A desperate government agent searches for his family but instead uncovers a terrifying global conspiracy. In TRIBULATION, a detective wakes up from a coma and finds himself in the middle of the prophesied tribulation period and a battle for the souls of all mankind. JUDGMENT finds the world leader and antichrist putting one of God's most faithful champions, and ultimately God Himself, on trial on a world stage.

APOCALYPSE – End-times Thriller

1997 – 94 minutes.
Leigh Lewis, Ricard Nestor.

A massive war in the Valley of Armageddon is about to lead to a global confrontation. But just as a nuclear holocaust looms, millions of people suddenly vanish! Chaos reigns as two World News anchors try to find answers for what has happened and who the world's new global leader really is!

REVELATION – End-times Thriller

2002 – 96 minutes

Based on the NY Times Best Selling Novel. Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains), Brad Johnson (Always, Flight of the Intruder), and Clarence Gilyard (Die Hard, Walker Texas Ranger).

In a moment the world has forever changed. Millions of people have suddenly vanished off the face of the earth and chaos and despair remain. One man, Nicolae Carpathia, becomes a beacon of peace, order and hope and assumes control of a world government. Calling themselves the Tribulation Force, world-renowned TV journalist Buck Williams (Cameron) and his devoted team embark on a deadly mission to expose the dark truth about Nicolae Carpathia and the prophesied evil he represents.

TRIBULATION – End-Times Thriller

1999 – 97 minutes.

Gary Busey (Buddy Holly Story, Lethal Weapon), Margot Kidder (Superman), Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal) and Nick Mancuso (Stingray).

Detective Tom Canboro (Busey) rushes to save his family from a secret cult but is attacked and sent into a coma. Waking up four years later he finds himself in a world ruled by a self-proclaimed messiah where everyone must swear allegiance to him. Tom's only hope of still finding his family and uncovering the truth lies with an underground resistance movement. But in joining them he finds himself in the middle of a battle as old as time.

JUDGMENT – End-Times Courtroom Thriller

2000 – 102 minutes.

Corbin Bernsen (LA Law), Mr. T (The A Team), Jessica Steen (Armageddon) and Nick Mancuso (Stingray).

Disillusioned lawyer Mitch Kendrick (Bernsen) is forced to defend accused Christian terrorist Helen Hannah in an entirely scripted trial. Desperate, and with the world watching, Kendrick puts Helen's leader: God, on trial instead. But can God really win in a courtroom owned and ruled by the Antichrist?

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