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2012: PROPHECY OR PANIC - Documentary

2011 - 85 minutes.
Best-selling authors Grant R. Jeffrey, William Gladstone, Mark Hitchcock, Gary Kah, G. Edward Griffin, Dr. Chuck Missler, Joe VanKoevering, Donald Perkins, Dr. Larry Bates, Jack Kinsella and others!

DECEMBER 21st, 2012. Is it the end of the world? Something more? Or nothing at all?
On the surface it marks the end of the ancient Mayan long-count calendar and the Winter Solstice. But there's much more to it! It's also a very rare galactic eclipse which might also be timed with the weakening of the Earth's magnetic poles; an increase in the sun's solar flares; a mysterious 'Planet X' hurtling toward earth; and other ancient prophecies which point to something BIG happening on that very same day! Dozens of books, videos, articles and even a Hollywood Blockbuster movie have focused on the 2012 Phenomenon. The Bible makes its own fascinating predictions about the future. What is fact? What is fiction? Join world-renowned experts as they take an in-depth look at the original source Mayan materials, examine how all of it is affecting our world, and see how best we can prepare for an uncertain future!


THE 12 BIGGEST LIES - Documentary

2010 - 105 minutes.
Kevin Sorbo (Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Jeff Seif, Alex Jones, Jack Kinsella, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Kerby Anderson, Ray Comfort, Dr. Craig Hazen, Michael Coren, Mark Spence, Nonie Darwish, Rev. Majed El Shafie, Dr. Stanley Monteith...)

Can Facts, Logic and Truth stand up to the 12 Biggest Lies?
Host Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda) takes us through 12 of the most common lies within society today. Along with over 30 experts in various fields, and indepth research and resources topics like truth, good and evil, abortion, Islam, battle of the sexes and is there a God are all explored. It includes the half hour program: "The Truth Behind the Lies" and comes with a detailed study guide that is perfect for Pastors and group leaders.


NIKKI AND BABS: DOs AND DOUBTs - TV Series for Teen Girls

2010 - 75 minutes.
DOVE Seal of Approval.
Dorethea Bauer, Tiffany Ross

Can someone be killed by perkiness and humming?
Nikki is about to find out. In the face of all of her big summer plans, Nikki is sent across the country to live with her eternally perky and eternally blond cousin Babs. The two are like oil and water and despite their best intentions end up in disaster after disaster. But can God's wisdom and the golden rule lead Nikki and Babs into a friendship better than they've ever known?


DRAGONS or DINORSAURS? - Creation Documentary

2010 - 85 minutes
DOVE and AFA approval pending.
Ken Ham, Carl Wieland, John Morris

Do Dragon Legends actually come from first hand experiences with Dinosaurs?
Dragon images, legends and stories exist all over the world. They are part of the Chinese Zodiac, they're found in cave paintings in North America, they're found as engravings in England. Why do they all look similar? Rather than made-up stories, could they actually be people recounting their sightings and accounts of real-life dinosaurs? Why do we think dinosaurs are millions of years old? Dinosaurs are often used to discredit the Bible... what if their existence actually helps prove its veracity?



2010 - 90 minutes.
Carrie Walrond, Stephen Caudill

Church Politics can be deadly!
With a nod to films like PSYCHO and MISERY, DANGEROUS CALLING is not your typical "church movie." A new pastor in a small-town church stands up to a few controlling church members who oppose his new ideas for reaching the youth of the community, and he and his wife face dire consequences.
"Pat & Elijah are both disturbingly played to perfection by Jackie Prucha (Death of Seasons, The Last Adam) and Brandon O'Dell (The Mist, One Tree Hill) who give new meaning to dysfunctional families." - OneWayFilms


SHADOW GOVERNMENT - Conspiracy Documentary

2009 - 90 minutes.
DOVE and AFA approval pending.
Grant R. Jeffrey

How the Global Elite plan to destroy democracy and your freedom.
We are being tracked, monitored and scrutinized. For what purpose? By whom? Who is watching the watchers and what are their goals? Is it all about peace, unity and saving the planet? Or is it about money, power and the control of many by an elite few? We're already far down a dangerous path... where does it lead? Leading researchers, authors and minds like GRANT JEFFREY, DR. KATHERINE ALBRECHT, EDWARD G. GRIFFIN, CHUCK MISSLER, BRAD O'LEARY and many others take you through the incredible and hidden world of Surveillance, Global Government and Bible Prophecy.



2009 - 90 minutes.
DOVE and AFA approval pending.
Josh Odor, Jaclyn Friedlander

A Journey Home can Change your Life Forever.
What am I doing here? Jason has wondered this ever since his dad uttered it on his death bed years ago. This question becomes louder as Jason studies for his bar exam, to begin his big city lawyer career, while looking after his old house for his mom. Being back in his home town, reconnecting with old friends, running a Church youth group, and trying to reach a troubled teen changes Jason's perspective on things. And Jason affects all those around him too. Suddenly the question of "what am I doing here?" resonates for everyone and demands an answer.



2009 - 13 half hour episodes
Erica Lane (Michael Tait, Sandi Patti)

A Walk in Faith to Inspire your own Ambition!
After leaving her career as a school teacher and embracing the music world, we follow aspiring Christian singer Erica Lane on her travels. Her experiences constantly remind us that life is full of obstacles, but it is more than worth it to see a change other's lives. Her artistry is simply part of her ministry, and God continues to open the doors for new adventures. Although she openly accepts failure and rejection as part of the calling to music, watchers will also rejoice with her in those exciting, fulfilling moments of success. Each episode features interviews from top music artists like Michael Tait, Sandi Patti, Dennis Jernigan and many others. Due to air on multiple networks beginning in August.

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